6. May 2019

The JetMaster system of mycon also cleans absolute hard deposits

mycon successfully uses the JetMaster process with a new combination device for cleaning a relatively closed air condenser of an incinerator.

The air condenser to be cleaned had been restricted in its function for years, despite repeated annual cleaning by means of high pressure water. The rotors already operated under full load at low single-digit temperatures in the positive range. This led to significant losses in energy production, and the combustion mass was considerably reduced during the warmer months.

Image: Dirty finned tubes before cleaning
Image: Dirty finned tubes before cleaning
Bild: Verschmutzte Rippenrohre mit Messung Vorheriger Wert: 1,66m/s Luftstrom
Image: Dirty finned tubes with measurement. Previous value: 1.66 m / s air flow
Bild: Gereinigte Rippenrohre mit Messung Wert nach der Reinigung: 3,10m/s Luftstrom
Image: Clean finned tubes with measurement. After cleaning: 3.10 m / s air flow











Following the successful completion of a short trial cleaning, mycon was granted the contract for the complete automation of cleaning with the JetMaster system as well as a one-time intensive cleaning of the finned tube surfaces loaded with massive, hard residues. For the intensive cleaning, a new additional development of the JetMaster system with four jet nozzles was used. Especially newly developed high-speed nozzles removes even the hardest deposits without damaging the sensitive ribs / galvanized surfaces. The automation of the system allows an exact fine adjustment of the respective cleaning parameters. This ensures effective and gentle cleaning of all heat exchanger surfaces with the greatest possible cleaning speed, even with massive soiling.

Bild: Die Spezialdüsen des Systems JetMaster AS in der halbautomatisierten Grundreinigungsfunktion
Image: The special nozzles of the system
JetMaster AS in the semi-automated intensive cleaning function

After intensive cleaning, the fully automated JetMaster AS is installed.

JetMaster AS, the automated cleaning system of the mycon guaranteed even in cases where the conventional high-pressure water cleaning cannot achieve sufficient success. This results in a very fast ROI for the investment of the cleaning system. However, mycon also offers JetMaster AS on a rental basis. This means that the customer pays rents in relation to the saved costs (saving the previous manual / semi-automatic cleaning by high pressure water). There are also more profits increased by the automated cleaning energy production, the increased combustion / production capacity, the savings possible additional water cooling (which should only be carried out with demineralized water and is thus correspondingly expensive). On request, the customer will be offered the option of purchasing the system at a later date. JetMaster AS is used for up to 25 cleaning cycles a year. This means that the function of the heat exchanger surfaces is always in the best condition.


mycon offers a previous model calculation for customers. The possible cost savings and corresponding references. An inspection of an automated system JetMaster AS during operation is possible.


ControlMaster by mycon GmbH
Image: ControlMaster of mycon GmbH

mycon is working on the “ControlMaster” monitoring and measuring system for heat exchangers in the context of the (BAFA) project “Einsparzähler / Smart-meter gateway” together with the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. ControlMaster decides on the basis of the values transmitted by an appropriate sensor, when it is worth cleaning, taking into account the cleaning costs. All relevant data is transmitted digitally or can be retrieved digitally. ControlMaster can also independently start / stop cleaning incl. The execution of all necessary additional measures.







Bild: Vollautomatisierte Reinigungsanlage für Lukos
Image: Fully automated cleaning system for air-cooled condensers

Photos: mycon GmbH

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