1. August 2018

Automated JetMaster system increases efficiency of energy production through air condenser cleaning at waste incineration plant

EEW Energy from Waste Hannover GmbH produces energy more efficient through continously available, fully automated JetMaster AS cleaning system

The constant availability of the automated JetMaster cleaning system brings significant benefits for EEW Energy from Waste Hannover GmbH. Especially in spring and summer, finned heat exchangers quickly become polluted by pollens, sand, dust and other suspended particles in the environment. These form an insulating layer on the lamellar, which considerably reduces condensate cooling. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the required cooling capacity, the rotors on the heat exchangers have to turn faster and consume significantly more energy. The turbine power and thus the energy production also have to be reduced in warmer ambient temperatures, if the steam condensate in the air condenser is no longer sufficiently cooled. The inlet temperature of the condensate in the air condenser is approx. 100°C, the heat loss of the air condenser areas is often above 65°C. JetMaster AS makes it possible to start cleaning at any time. EEW plans with up to 25 cleaning cycles a year.

Automated cleaning with JetMaster AS offers the following advantages over a service company:

  • no lead time due to permanent availability of the JetMaster AS,
  • no complex construction site equipment, no additional costs for arrival and departure,
  • no loss of efficiency of the Air condensers due to constantly available cleaning options,
  • resource-saving cleaning process: JetMaster has great cleaning performance through supersonic speed and cavitation effect with extremely low water consumption,
  • JetMaster also cleans against the rotor pressure if required.

EEW Energy from Waste Hannover GmbH, Mr. Sascha Kobert, Head of Maintenance:

„We have previously commissioned manual cleaning of our smaller heat exchangers at Kipp Umwelttechnik, the sister company of mycon GmbH. We were so impressed by the performance of the JetMaster process that we requested a fully automated JetMaster system. This system was developed, manufactured and installed by mycon in cooperation with EEW. The fully automated plant for air condenser cleaning offers considerable advantages compared to the up to three annual cleanings with which we have previously commissioned a service provider. The permanent installation of the system and the long-term availability save considerable time and money for the cleaning of our air condensers. The operating costs for the respective cleaning are at a very low level. We plan regular cleaning. That guarantees us the best possible efficiency of our air condenser.“

Key data of the installed JetMaster AS system

The plant was installed by mycon and Kipp Umwelttechnik on the air condenser fields of EEW Energy from Waste Hannover GmbH. Obstacles located on the surfaces of the exchanger are automatically bypassed by sensors.

JetMaster AS - Automatisierte LuKo-Reinigung bei EEW Hannover

JetMaster AS – Automated Air condenser cleaning at EEW Hannover

JetMaster AS - Nahaufnahme der Strahldüsen

JetMaster AS – Close-up of the jet nozzles

Manually used JetMaster method of mycon GmbH

The complete system JetMaster offers four different combination possibilities and can be adjusted exactly to the cleaning task. Even the hardest calcifications and large amounts of residue can be removed. The gentle jet penetrates deep into the equipment without bending / damaging the lamellas. The dirt is gently but effectively removed through the jet from the surfaces. Damage to the lamellar surfaces, as possible with the use of high pressure water cleaning, is completely eliminated when using the JetMaster.

Service, rental, hire purchase or purchase of JetMaster systems

Kipp Umwelttechnik and mycon offer many possibilities. Automated large-scale cleaning systems can also be rented by the plant operator. In this case, mycon can also take over the entire maintenance of the plants. Due to the constant monitoring by remote maintenance systems, possible errors can be detected immediately and partly corrected. In addition, the system can also be reprogrammed via remote maintenance.

Cost driver No. 1 for the manual cleaning service for small heat exchangers is usually the often long arrival / departure to the customer. The arrival / departure often takes more time than the entire cleaning. In the case of large lamellar surfaces, on the other hand, personnel costs and possible downtimes due to shutdown are significantly more important. Timely rental of the JetMaster system can significantly reduce cleaning costs.

Kipp Umwelttechnik and mycon have therefore decided to introduce a special rental system in addition to the cleaning service. For difficult first-time cleaning, the customer will be provided with a co-operating consultant from Kipp Umwelttechnik for instruction and support when renting the equipment on request. Subsequent manual cleaning can then normally be carried out independently by the customer alone or in the automation area at the push of a button.

In addition to the incidental arrival and departure customers have the advantage of renting, manual cleaning equipment within Germany already about 3 days to receive order. The lead time is thus greatly reduced. If necessary, they start the cleaning independently and are not bound to additional dates.

Cleaning heat exchangers with JetMaster on YouTube.

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