2. March 2022

The duel: High-pressure cleaner* versus the JetMaster-system

The challenge: a completely blocked heat exchanger filled with glued residues
Place of application: Kipp Umwelttechnik’s blasting hall

*Performance data: 130 l/min, 150 bar

High pressure cleaning

In order to preserve delicate fins, the high-pressure cleaner is equipped with a flat film extrusion nozzle. The pump pressure was confined to 100 bar, so the delicate fins won’t get damaged. Furthermore, special focus was put on treating the heat exchanger’s fins arrangement from a 90° angle. Otherwise, there would be a risk of damaging them, even with lower pressure.

The result
The application of the high-pressure cleaner visibly showed no cleaning success. The bigger part of used water rebounded off the heat exchanger’s surface. Further observation showed that there was just minor, doting water outlet on the backside coming from a small space.

Cleaning with JetMaster

For comparison, the JetMaster-system was also equipped with a flat film extrusion nozzle (80 mm beamwidth). The beam pressure was adjusted to 6 bar. The heat exchanger’s surfaces immediately showed visible cleaning success. In order to clean the exchanger thoroughly, however, the cleaning process had to be repeated.

The result
The heat exchanger was cleaned thoroughly and its functionality could be restored to mint condition. Merely about 1 l of water/min was applied which exited on the back of the heat exchanger in a widespread manner.