industrial cleaning


The new automated cleaning system for changeover tools

ToolBlaster – the new automated cleaning system for changeover tools of mycon GmbH.

For the first time, ToolBlaster includes a special patent-pending guided airflow system for the complete tool cone, with a short compressed air blast that lasts just a few seconds. The effect is resounding.

Depending on preference, particles of dirt and shavings can be fully removed from the tool holder and its bearing surfaces with compressed air or dry snow!

  • ToolBlaster air works exclusively with compressed air
    (no additional medium required)
  • ToolBlaster ice uses added liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) – carbon neutral

Top quality cleaning

  • ToolBlaster cleans tool holders AND their bearing surfaces
    • Dirt-free, optimum clamping of tool holders
    • Extreme concentricity and balance quality demands guaranteed
  • ToolBlasterdelivers contact-free cleaning
    • Efficient in comparison to cleaning systems with brushes because no impurities can be produced or displaced
  • No chemical cleaning
    • No sticking of the tool holder in the spindle
    • Residue-free cleaning (CO2 changes directly from solid to gas aggregate state)
    • Cleaning process in a very short space of time
    • Position of the cleaning process in the machine freely selectable
    • Maintenance-free

ToolBlaster ice – active mechanism

  • Mechanical effect:
    Dry snow is generated in theToolBlaster ice using the proven and patented IceMaster principle, accelerated in the airflow and applied directly to the contaminants.
  • Thermal effect:
    The generated thermal impact embrittles the impurities. Due to differing heat expansion coefficients additional abrupt shocks and volumetric expansions occur within the contaminants..
  • Sublimation effect:
    Debonding of the contaminants