Modern Industrial cleaning

SpeedMaster SR

For the extensive cleaning of surfaces


SpeedMaster SR can be used for cleaning almost all types of surfaces, e.g. bogies, wheelsets, insulators or train bodies.

SpeedMaster SR works with different special fluids than SpeedMaster. The blasting area is also much larger, with a width of up to 300 mm in diameter. The resources for SpeedMaster SR are separable.

SpeedMaster SR offers advantages for cleaning in the food industry. The greatly reduced pressure of 3-6 bar compared to high-pressure cleaning is gentle on sensitive structures / electronic components. With relatively low water quantities of 5-12l per minute, which are largely ejected as aerosols, high surface outputs can be achieved gently. This reduces water consumption and subsequently the amount of waste water. If necessary, cleaning agents / disinfectants can be added to the water. Subsequent cleaning can be carried out with clear water.

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SpeedMaster SR can also be used in a special version for gentle decoating of wall and ceiling surfaces.

SpeedMaster gently removes even highly viscous greases with compressed air, cold water and light chemical application.

SpeedMaster gently cleans even structures with limescale residues, e.g. air intake grilles.

Application examples