industrial cleaning


Cleaning heat exchangers with JetMaster

Depending on the location and environment, fin-type heat exchangers and coolers can become quickly dirty. Industrial dust, pollen and other influences result in constant deposits forming, with a negative effect on function and efficiency – and thereby not least on your budget! The accumulation of dirt on an air-cooled condenser or liquid cooler forms an insulation layer, reduces energy efficiency and therefore increases the costs of power, maintenance and service. Additionally, the corrosion of the fins results in a reduction in the service life of your device.

Gentle intensive cleaning system of heat exchangers

JetMaster, the patent-protected process for the intensive cleaning of sensitive fin surfaces. JetMaster acts gently and yet extremely powerfully. High performance nozzles bring compressed air and small quantities of pre-treated water to supersonic speed at low pressure.


Fast cleaning of large-areas

For extensive cleaning mycon GmbH has developed JetPower. JetPower enables fast cleaning of large-area and heavily contaminated finned heat exchangers as well as glass and façade surfaces of any kind. The new system combination JetPower & JetMaster whose stream footprint can be up to one meter, even cleans large surfaces cost-efficiently. This system also uses compressed air and water without chemicals.