industrial cleaning


The JetBoy combines the proven principle of the JetMaster with very compact dimensions and significantly lower requirements on the compressed air supply. The required 400l per minute can already be supplied by a small compressor.
Water consumption is extremely low at approx. 0.10 l per minute.

The JetBoy is rugged and, due to its small size, absolutely mobile, making it an ideal device for cleaning small heat exchangers and other surfaces, even under difficult space conditions and within buildings.
Indispensable for many craft areas

If required, the JetBoy can also process cleaners or disinfectants. mycon also supplies the appropriate cleaners/disinfectants. This makes the JetBoy a universal talent that can be used for cleaning and disinfecting a wide variety of surfaces.
JetBoy can also be used for cleaning/disinfecting joints/surfaces in buildings and in machine areas.

JetBoy is also available as a mobile unit for the hotel/hospital sector.

JetBoy from mycon GmbH cleaning a finned heat exchanger.

Due to its small size, the JetBoy can clean smaller heat exchangers in hard-to-reach locations. The JetBoy’s low requirements for water and compressed air supply make it the ideal cleaning device for industrial and craft businesses.

In combination with cleaning agents, JetBoy can also clean calcification and oil stains on heat exchangers and other surfaces.

JetBoy can also be used as a mobile cleaning unit including compressor, for example in the hotel or hospital sector to remove dirt.

Application examples for from various industrial and job functions