industrial cleaning
with dry ice

IceMaster ACB

Modern industrial cleaning with dry ice

IceMaster ACB is the smallest device in the IceMaster range.

The noise level is dramatically reduced and is approx. 90 decibels with the application of 5-6 bar. The required compressed air volume of 400l/min is available in every workshop. The compressed air dew point should not exceed +3°. In the case of a longer use, we also recommend the use of a dryer (dew point -40°C). The dryer can also be supplied by mycon.

Depending on the setting, the IceMaster ACB requires 5-6kg of carbon dioxide / hour in operation for cleaning work.

IceMaster ACB is actuated by a footswitch, which simultaneously switches on the supply of compressed air and carbon dioxide. This allows the operator to hold the part requiring cleaning firmly in the hand, whilst the other hand directs the blast gun. A special version of the IceMaster ACB with a manual switch can also be supplied.

The entire blast gun weights just 250g and is therefore extremely handy.

Application examples for from various industrial and job functions