industrial cleaning

Trains and Transportation

JetMaster is also available as a silenced and almost splash-proof system.

The JetMaster from mycon GmbH is also able to find application in the trains and transportation sector. Finned heat exchangers can be cleaned without any problems. The PowerMaster unit is used for the paint stripping and decoating of surfaces (e.g. wheelsets and bogies).

Degreasing of a train stopper using the SpeedMaster SR.

Cleaning of a finned heat exchanger using the JetMaster from mycon GmbH.

Paint removal of a wheel set using the PowerMaster.


Application examples

Removal of corrosion protection from bogies for inspection of welding seams

Paint removal of a wheel set

Cleaning of a bogie

Automated cleaning of weld seams of a bogie using IceMaster LM for visual inspection

The FilterMaster cleaning system from mycon GmbH enables not only the cleaning of various large filters, but also the thorough cleaning of diesel particulate filters from locomotives and railcars.