industrial cleaning

IceMaster process

Automation for cleaning surfaces before painting / coating

The CO2 used for cleaning surfaces is recovered almost exclusively from industrial exhaust gases. Environmental pollution is caused exclusively by energy consumption for recovery / liquefaction and by transport. CO2 cleaning is therefore an absolutely environmentally friendly and residue-free process. IceMaster is the modern process for industrial cleaning with dry ice / dry snow.


Our application examples show the advantages of using the IceMaster system.



The adjacent plant is used for the pre-treatment of plastic parts before coating with the help of the automated IceMaster-system.


Applications examples in the plastics industry

Pretreatment of plastic parts before the painting/coating with IceMaster

Plastics Industry

JetMaster process

The JetMaster from mycon GmbH is environmentally friendly and saves resources. The water consumption is extremely low with 0.20 – 1.00l clear water per minute. JetMaster works without any additional chemicals. Thus, the amount of waste water is extremely reduced compared to other aqueous cleaning methods and is only polluted by the mostly harmless soiling of the surfaces in this area.

Cleaning heavily polluted heat exchangers in steel production - The JetMaster combination system removes even the heaviest contaminants

Heat exchanger before cleaning with JetMaster

Heat exchanger after cleaning

Heat exchanger before cleaning

Heat echanger after cleaning

Cleaning heat exchangers with the JetMaster system developed by mycon

Finned heat exchanger cleaning by automated JetMaster AS cleaning system – from outside.

Finned heat exchanger cleaning by automated JetMaster AS cleaning system – from inside.

Cleaning of cooling towers

The pipes in the cooling tower were temporarily supplied with lime-containing water. As a result, a hard limestone armour had developed around the pipes.

The JetMaster combination system successfully cleaned the outer pipe surfaces.

The zinc coating – which had been destroyed by chemical cleaning – is not attacked by JetMaster.

Exterior view of a cooling tower with removed lime deposits

Removed lime during cooling tower cleaning with the JetMaster combination system

Cooling tower pipes after cleaning

Cleaning of a cooling plant

Cleaning of trickling filters of the cooling unit shown above in installed condition

Cleaning of trickling filters of a cooling plant in disassembled condition

The entire JetMaster combination system (incl. JetPower) is used for cleaning surfaces with limescale residues. More information about the JetMaster combination system can be found on our JetMaster product page.