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mycon – The new dimension of industrial cleaning

Benefit from our competence in cleaning, cooling coating and decoating. We offer you the correct solution.

Many years of experience in industrial cleaning and industrial service have resulted in many system developments and patents, some of which hold international validity.

mycon supplies customers in Europe, the USA and Asia.



mycon develops, produces and distributes products and automation technologies in the industrial cleaning sector. Our innovative solutions are created to meet the requirements of everyday applications, and have proven themselves in practice through use by our affiliate Kipp Umwelttechnik.

 Partner FilterMaster DPF cleans particle filters from a wide range of applications using innovative products made by mycon GmbH.

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mycon GmbH serves customers from a wide variety of

industrial and service sectors


Automotive sector ▾
  • Pretreatment of plastic parts before painting.
  • Deflashing of plastic parts
  • Cleaning, deburring and surface finishing of aluminium parts.
  • Cleaning of formed parts before the coating
  • Cleaning of moulds and core boxes
  • Decoating of surfaces, vehicles
Ceramic Industry ▾
  • Cleaning of components
Electrical Industry ▾
  • Cleaning of machinery, plant and moulds
  • Removal of oxide layers
Glass Industry ▾
  • Cleaning machines, plants, moulds
Mechanical Engineering ▾
  • Cleaning, deburring and surface finishing of parts
  • Cleaning of machinery and plant
  • Degreasing of all types of components
  • Cleaning of weld seams and brazed joints
Printing Industry ▾
  • Cleaning of machinery, plant, rollers
  • Cleaning of paint tanks (inside and outside)
  • Cleaning of machinery, plant, moulds
  • Cleaning of screen printing plates

Automated cleaning processes
thorough, careful, and environmentally-friendly


JetMaster AS

IceMaster LM


JetMaster AS

Our modern industrial cleaning systems in worldwide use

Collaboration with universities of mycon GmbH

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HAW Hamburg
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